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A lightweight, secure, and anonymous tip line.

Hush Line is the first anonymous-tipline-as-a-service for organizations and individuals.

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One of the top reasons people fail to report their concerns is fear of retaliation. Whether you're a journalist, school administrator, or an employer, your communities want to help but aren't always able to take on the associated risks.

Hush Line is a safe way for anyone to share information without jumping through hoops or compromising their identity.

Why Hush Line?

Human Verified Accounts

We offer verified accounts for journalists, newsrooms, public figures and activists, and organizations so you know your message is going to the right place.

Verified badge on a user's profile.

Strong Privacy and Security

From offering users two-factor and using their own PGP key to data being encrypted at rest on our server and Tor onion site support, we go beyond conventional measures to protect you and your data.

Image of encrypted message in Hush Line's inbox.

Free and Open Source

Hush Line costs nothing to use. Our software is open-source, so you can verify or contribute to the code, too!

Image of Github with the code from Hush Line.

Mailvelope Integration

Bring the power of PGP to your web browser. Decrypt messages directly in the app with the Mailvelope browser extension for Firefox and Chrome!

Decrypted message in the Hush Line app via the Mailvelope browser extension.

One Account, Many Tip Lines

Create and manage multiple tip lines from a single account for better scale for large organizations.

Adding multiple usernames.

Who is it for?

Journalist Avatar

Journalists & Newsrooms

The easiest way to receive anonymous tips from the public.

Educator Avatar

Educators & School Administrators

A safe and simple tool for private student reporting.

Employer Avatar

Employers & Investors

Get ahead of any behavior that could lead to compliance violations.

The Personal Server

The Personal Server is the most secure way to operate Hush Line when control over your infrastruture is critical - a hardened Tor-only tip line on physical hardware in a custom-designed milled aluminum case 🔥. A beautiful e-paper display guides you through setup and usage. Coming soon!

Personal Server Device

Support Our Work

Hush Line is a free and open-source project by Science & Design, a non-profit building products for the public good.

Vulnerability Reporting

We welcome and encourage scrutiny of our code and hunting for bugs. If you find a vulnerability that might impact the safety and security of our app and users, please submit a report!

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