Your anonymous tip line

A self-hosted tool to receive encrypted messages that only you can read.

Hush Line is a free and open-source app to host a private tip line enabling anyone to send you encrypted messages without requiring technical expertise, downloading software, generating keys, or creating an account.

Who Is Hush Line For?

Journalists / Newsrooms

Hush Line provides journalists with a safe way for sources to send in tips with confidence that their privacy is protected.

An image of the Hush Line UI for users submitting a message.

Educators / Schools

Hush Line can be installed on a Raspberry Pi with an e-ink display, giving students a safe line to a trusted person.

An image of an eink display with Hush Line's status and address.

Workplaces / Board Rooms

Hush Line opens a secure channel for your team to send feedback or report concerns without fear of retaliation.

An image of the encrypted email notification.


Encrypted Email Notifications

Receive an email encrypted with your PGP key when a new message is submitted.

No Account Needed

Hush Line doesn’t require a user to create an account or generate keys to leave a message.

Privacy by Default

Hush Line automatically configures privacy-preserving logging for Nginx, making it safer for all visitors.

Tor Ready

Hush Line deploys to an onion service making your site accessible to everyone, even where the internet is censored.

Security by Default

Hush Line configures your server’s content security headers to minimize your app’s attack surface.

Automatic Updates

Hush Line automatically applies important security updates and renews HTTPS certificates, making setting and forgetting it possible.

Easy as Pi

We've made installing Hush Line on a Raspberry Pi with an e-ink display easy by automating everything you need to host a secure, anonymous suggestion box and tip line.

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E-Ink screen with Hush Line app status and address information.

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Hush Line is a free and open-source project by Science & Design, a non-profit building products for the public good.